What is Cider?

Cider is a beverage made from crushed and fermented apples. Ciders are technically considered wine, not beer, and can be classified from “sweet” to “dry.” Cider’s roots run deep. When the Romans invaded England in 55 BC, they found the locals drinking cider. In Medieval times, cider was used as currency to pay laborers. It was one of Colonial Americans’ favorite beverages and the Pilgrims even brought apple seeds and cider making tools with them on the Mayflower.

Today cider is enjoyed all over the world. At 3 Daughters Cider, we aim to make it a regular and refreshing part of all your celebrations – from birthdays to backyard barbecues, from suppertime to Saturday night, and from out on the boat to a day at the beach.

“It is indeed bad to eat apples.
It is better to make them all into cider.”
Benjamin Franklin

About 3 Daughters Cider

A subsidiary of 3 Daughters Brewing, 3 Daughters Cider is committed to bold flavors and classic styles with a Florida twist. Like 3 Daughters beers, every cider we offer is hand-crafted right here in St. Petersburg, FL.

Our first two ciders, the Original Hard Cider and the Key Lime Cider, will lead the way to a full line of tangy, sweet and deliciously-unique creations. Served year-round in our tasting room, 3 Daughters Cider is rapidly becoming a staple in bars and restaurants around Florida. Ask for it in your favorite spot!

We love what we do and we hope you do, too. Find our ciders near you using our Cider Finder.


Original Apple Cider

Our “Original” is what great hard apple should be: slightly sweet with a medium body and very refreshing. A great choice for everyday drinking with big apple flavor.


Key Lime Apple Cider

Hard apple cider blended with key lime juice for a uniquely Florida taste. The sweet apple flavor is nicely balanced by the tart, zesty key lime juice.  Serve cold for a refreshing break from the hot Florida sun.




On Tap






Original 3 Daughters Hard Apple Cider Hard Apple Cider 5.5%
Refreshingly crisp, this semi-sweet cider packs a big apple flavor perfect for the beach or wherever you chill. This is how Florida does apple cider.
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Key Lime Apple Cider Hard Apple Cider 5.5%
Hard apple cider blended with key lime juice for a uniquely Florida taste. The semi-sweet apple flavor is nicely balanced by the tart, zesty key lime juice.
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Dry Rose Cider Hard Apple Cider 8.5%
Crisp and dry apple cider with hints of berry and citrus. This beautiful drink is light pink in color and drinks similar to your favorite Rose wine.
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Sangria Cider Hard Cider 5.5%
Our apple cider blended with a mixture of fruits and spices for a subtle sangria flavor.

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Iced Coffee Cider Hard Cider 5.5%
This cider brings the best of both worlds, alcohol and coffee. Our original hard cider is aged with whole coffee beans.
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Cranberry Cider Hard Cider 5.5%
Our semi-sweet cider is infused with cranberry juice for just the right mix of tart sweet.
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Blackberry Hibiscus Cider Hard Cider 5.5%
Cider blended with blackberry and hibiscus to balance the sweet and tart flavors. Refreshing and balanced, this one will tempt your palate.
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Looking for delicious and refreshing ways to enjoy 3 Daughters Cider?

We sent our Cider out to a bunch of our pouring partners and they’ve been creating some unique Cider Cocktails. 

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