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A week or so ago, I received a trio of core beers from St. Petersburg’s (Florida) 3 Daughters Brewing. It was pretty coincidental, but I had just started reading a book about the history and current beer culture in the Tampa area. The few pages and pictures dedicated to this brewery helped me picture it in my head. I hope to do a brewery tour in that part of Florida before the end of the year!

The story on the back titled “IT’S EASY ON THE TONGUE” lets you know to expect a refreshing and bright beer, a bombshell of a brew. 5.0% alcohol. 24 IBU. The number 26 is stamped into the bottom of the can which I guess could identify the batch but not sure.

Light citrus and honey aroma. Malty sweet flavors to start, again with that honey aspect. There is a nice tangy orange flavor as well right from the start. A touch of citrus, a hoppy bitter balance and nice carbonation make for a flavorful and refreshing brew. Nice beer for the brewery to hang its hat on! Check it out (it’s available locally in S. Florida now too).

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