Great Tasting Craft Beer

bimini The idea for 3 Daughters Brewing originated while Mike and Ty (owner and head brewer) were working together at a local restaurant. While discussing ideas on a fresh approach to a beer battered fish recipe, they decided to brew an original craft beer. Not only did sales soar for the fish, but craft beer sales increased dramatically. Finding they had a passion for creating innovative craft beer, they decided to take brewing to the next level. 3 Daughters Brewing has 18 taps that carry various styles of our craft beers. We rotate our craft beers often, so we have something for all craft beer lovers. Our knowledgeable staff will help you learn more about craft beer and choose the right brew based on your preferences. Whether you like hoppy beers or smooth, light ales, there is truly something for everyone.

Craft Beers on Tap:

The tasting room is our playground to dream up exciting new craft beers. Our taps change frequently as we try new craft brews. The beers we distribute in Florida will always be available: 3 Daughters Blonde Ale, Stern Line Oatmeal Stout, Bimini Twist IPA and Rod Bender Red Ale. If you have questions, feel free to call our tasting room at (727) 495-6002. Here are the current selections:

Pouring at Restaurants & Bars Craft Beer on Tap in the Tasting Room

Beach Blonde Ale

Beach Blonde Ale*

Bimini Twist IPA

Bimini Twist IPA*

Stern Line Stout

Stern Line Stout*

Rod Bender Red Ale

Rod  Bender Red Ale*

4 Redemption Barrel Aged Quad

Whiskey Barrel Aged Black Tip Porter

A Wake Coffee Blonde Ale

A Wake Coffee Blonde Ale*

Black Lager*

Zinfandel Barrel Soured Barleywine

4 Redemption Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Quad

St Peter the Great Russian Imperial Stout

Stern Line Stout Nitro

# the Pilsner*

Key Lime Cider

Chardonnay Barrel Aged LaFayette Saison

Brown Pelican Dunkel*

3 Daughters Original Cider

Cream Ale Nitro

Maple Pecan Brown Ale*

*Craft beer that can be poured in growlers What’s the best thing about visiting the 3 Daughters Brewing tasting room? Taking home great tasting craft beer to share with friends. We offer growlers of 3 Daughters Blonde Ale, Stern Line Stout, Bimini Twist IPA and Rod Bender Red Ale. We also have other craft beers that can fill growlers but styles are dependent on what we have on tap. Whether you’re having a small get-together or a large gathering, a growler of craft beer is sure to make it more fun. ***Note: Growlers must be consumed off premises.

Craft beer growlers come in two sizes

32 oz – $3.50 for empty growler

$12.00 filled (price varies depending on craft beer style)

64 oz – $5.00 for empty growler

$16.00 filled (price varies depending on craft beer style)