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3 Daughters Brewing honors our veterans each year with a ‘My Hero’ campaign. This was designed to give back to the heroes who have fought to defend our freedom. In this campaign, we created an annual special release called Tango Yankee, the military code term for “thank you.”  The special can was released for Veterans Day 2015, which will be released every year with a can design to tell a unique veteran’s story. In 2015, the nominee was very near and dear to the 3 Daughters Brewing family as it was dedicated to the three Harting daughters’ grandfather, Bruce Wells Harting. You can read below about Lieutenant Colonel Bruce and his story as a retired American hero.

This year we are looking for our 2016 nominee to be honored with their very own Tango Yankee can to tell their American veteran story. While we will only have one nominee for our Tango Yankee can, we would like to share all stories that are sent to us. You can send your My Hero submissions to or by clicking on the “Tango Yankee” banner above. Most importantly, we want to thank all the men and women who have served for our country. This is our special way of saying “thank you.”

About Our 2015 My Hero Nominee

Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Wells Harting (Retired) earned his Purple Heart after being wounded in combat on the morning of April 5, 1966, in Dak To, Vietnam, on the Laotian border. Bruce and seven other soldiers were on a mission in the mountains. After being shot, two of his companions created a stretcher from what they could find close at hand-branches from the trees and an army poncho. They made their way back for six hours, stopping twice when they were fired upon. Luckily, they had another soldier calling in air support as they were attacked during their retreat.

The design on the first Tango Yankee can was inspired by a drawing from some of the soldiers Bruce led after recovering in 1966. Using materials from the base, which consisted of plywood they found in a dumpster, olive green barracks paint and pencils, one of the candidates sketched Bruce being helped off the battlefield by a medic. Bruce returned to Vietnam for a 2nd tour of duty in the Military Police. In all, Bruce served in the army for 20 years before retiring and making St. Petersburg the Harting’s permanent home.

Code-named Tango Yankee, or “Thank You” in military shorthand, this beer is an American Wheat Ale available in a limited-edition can. The first can in the series is especially meaningful to 3 Daughters Brewing, as Bruce is the grandfather of the 3 daughters who are the namesake of the brewery.

While 3 Daughters Brewing pre-selected the veteran hero and story for the inaugural edition, they anticipate selecting a hero from nominations submitted by the community in the years to come, as mentioned above. Each annual Tango Yankee limited-edition can will reflect a unique story of bravery and heroism by a special veteran.

We are thankful for the brave and dedicated individuals who serve our country. Learn more about the 2015 featured heroes.

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