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How many beers does it take to put three daughters through college?

In the beginning, it all started with two questions for Leigh and Mike Harting. 1)Does craft beer really make a better beer-battered fish? 2)How are we going to put our 3 Daughters to college? While operating a successful restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL, Mike and his head chief Ty Weaver, were working on a recipe for a craft beer battered fish and decided to make it with their own hand-crafted brews. To them, it was a lot like cooking - you follow a recipe, adjust to taste, and then hope everyone likes the final product. Mike, Leigh, and Ty decided it was pretty good, so they put some on tap. To their surprise, it wasn't just pretty good. It outsold every other beer they had.

As they started brewing more and as the popularity of the beers grew, they decided to try to find a small but more advanced brewing system that would fit in the restaurant. Instead, they came upon an industrial-sized, 30-barrel brewhouse that took up more space than the entire dining room itself. Exasperated, Leigh looked at him and asked the all-important question: "How many beers do we have to sell to put to our three daughters through college?" And so, 3 Daughters Brewing was born, officially opening its doors in St. Petersburg in December of 2013 in a small 1600 square-foot tasting room. Mike worked hard on operations and funding, Ty used his unique experience to make amazing craft brews and Leigh jumped in the car and started selling 3 Daughters beer across the state of Florida.

Fast forward to today and 3 Daughters Brewing has grown into one of the largest independent breweries in Florida. Our tasting room in St. Petersburg is one of (if not) the busiest tasting rooms in the state, often serving over 250,000 annually in our large warehouse that has turned into a major live entertainment venue. In March of 2022, we opened our second tasting room in Clearwater Beach with its own brewing system and amazing views of Clearwater Beach.

In May of 2022, we also opened our first airport location inside of St.Pete-Clearwater International Airport serving over 2.4 million passengers annually. Thanks to Ty’s innovation and Mike’s drive we now also brew award-winning Beers, Ciders, Seltzers, Vodka+Soda Canned Cocktails, Energy Drinks, and Non-Alcoholic beverages (we also make our own honey). With Leigh always out selling our brands we are now found in every part of Florida from Key West to the Panhandle and from Jacksonville to Naples. You can also find 3 Daughters Brewing in every major retailer, amusement park, liquor store and most major restaurants throughout Florida.





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Habanero Hazy IPA Release Party at Clearwater Beach

6/28/2024 6:30pm-8:30pm

Our brewing team at 3 Daughters Clearwater Beach has been rockin' with new releases all summer, and this newest brew is our most highly-anticipated debut yet! RSVP to enjoy FREE bites and tastings. The Habanero Hazy IPA will bring the best of all words - sweet heat from the habanero paired with a crisp and juicy IPA. We'll be offering free tastings of the Habanero Hazy IPA all night long, alongside all of our beers, ciders and seltzers. Get a flight and try a bunch at once!

RSVP Here!