3 Daughters Brewing Announces Florida Hard Seltzer Distribution In France

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3 Daughters Brewing Announces Florida Hard Seltzer Distribution In France


As its international reach continues to grow, 3 Daughters Brewing announced that is has begun distribution in France as its locally-celebrated Florida Hard Seltzer is now the first American craft hard seltzer distributed in France.

The first shipments arrived on the French coast last week, with more shipping containers on the way as 3 Daughters Brewing’s distribution partners French Guys S.A.S. begin an aggressive rollout across the country, backed by a heavy investment in a multimedia promotional campaign.

“It is incredibly cool to me that a locally-owned brewery in St. Pete is now one of the biggest distributors of hard seltzers in Europe,” said Mike Harting, 3 Daughters Brewing owner and CEO. “This is a process that has been in the works for a long time, and we’re thrilled to see our plans taking shape.”

Initially, Florida Hard Seltzer is only available in the lemon-lime flavor, or “citron-vert,” as it’s labeled in France. However, thanks to high demand and positive early feedback from retailers and customers, there are plans to produce additional flavors and begin distributing throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom after the initial French rollout.

To date, more than 10,000 cases of the seltzer have been produced, with a goal of sending 1.2 million individual cans across the Atlantic by the end of 2021.

Hard seltzers have taken the American alcoholic beverage arena by storm the last two years, creating a market worth upwards of $2.5 billion in 2020, with projections expecting even more growth in the years to come. In anticipation of the hard seltzer wave crossing the pond (demand for hard seltzer in Europe has yet to reach the fever pitch of the American market) French Guys S.A.S. decided to work with an American brewery to help them get into the market early, choosing to partner with 3 Daughters Brewing for their quality product, brewing and shipping capacity, and Florida-lifestyle appeal.

“Just as we were ahead of the hard seltzer trend when we began brewing and distributing Florida Hard Seltzer early in 2018, we believe we’re hitting the European market at precisely the right time with this expansion,” said Peter Lambie, the Director of International Sales at 3 Daughters Brewing who spearheaded the partnership. “Demand from retailers in France grew before our first shipment even arrived, a promising sign for what 3 Daughters and French Guys are going to accomplish together.”

All Florida Hard Seltzer is brewed, canned and shipped out of 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida. The French website for Florida Hard Seltzer can be found at https://www.florida-hard-seltzer.com/ while 3 Daughters Brewing can be found at www.3dbrewing.com

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