3 Daughters Brewing Launches Former New England IPA After First Win for Tampa’s New Football Stars

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3 Daughters Brewing Launches Former New England IPA After First Win for Tampa’s New Football Stars


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg announced Tuesday that they have created and will begin selling a New England themed India Pale Ale beer called Former New England IPA in honor of Tampa Bay’s new football stars, who formerly hailed from the New England region.

Just in time to celebrate Tampa Bay’s first win of the year, the Former New England IPA debuts in six-packs starting this week, available at retailers throughout the Tampa Bay area including select Publix, Total Wine & More and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits.

“The beer itself is a Florida twist on a classic American brew, a citrusy and crushable version of the traditional New England-style IPA, highlighting the flavors of the Sunshine State while giving a nod to the history of great brewing in New England” said Brian Horne, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.

In honor of that theme, the back of the 12-ounce can reads, “Kudos to New England for having been home to the rise of great things, but we know the truth: it’s always more fun in the Florida sun. Hazy, juicy and aromatic, our newest IPA debuts this fall as the best of New England transfers to Tampa Bay.

According to the brewery, the beer is hazy and juicy with good citrus flavor, has a strong hop presence, with heavy aromatics, and checks in at 6.9 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

About 3 Daughters Brewing:

Opened in 2013, 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the largest independently owned breweries based in Florida. 3 Daughters Brewing offers over 30 beverages on tap including craft beers, flavored ciders and hard seltzers. Armed with experience, energy and enthusiasm, we believe in the importance of innovation, listening to our customers and supporting our community. We love what we do… and hope you do too.


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