Local Craft Key Lime Cider and Tap handle

So you know being from Florida we had to bring our Sunshine flair to this delicious beverage. We added natural key lime juices to our cider recipe to create the Key Lime Cider. The addition of the key lime juices contrasts with the sweet nature of the original cider giving it a tangy kick that follows sweetness of the apples. This cider is light gold in color and uber refreshing. It’s simple but it takes our taste buds to a relaxing and complex place.

The natural key lime juices come at the end of the cider process and This cider clocks in at a cool 5.5% ABV keeping it drinkable no matter where you are. The Key Lime Cider can be found in our tasting room on tap. We are currently working on canning our Key Lime Cider along with the Original Cider to be sold in local stores so be on the lookout for these two 3 Daughters Ciders.

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