Craft Ciders and Apples

3 Daughters has expanded into the cider business and we are very excited for all of our customers to experience this with us. By expanding our product base, we hope to be able to appeal to a larger audience. Cider is considered to be a wine and not a beer so for those individuals who prefer a nice glass of wine over a cold brew, we highly recommend our cider.

The process for creating the 3 Daughters original cider took some time to perfect. We originally purchased a large quantity of fresh apples which we then crushed and juiced in house. This process created a great liquid but it got messy. The solution to this problem was for us to begin looking into a few different juice companies. We settled on a delicious blend of cider apple juice concentrate and the results are perfect.

Once we bring in our apple juice concentrate, we mix it with the perfect balance of water to dilute it. The mixture is then fermented, carbonated, and kegged. This craft cider is lightly sweet and highly refreshing. Our original apple cider is 5.5% ABV and it is naturally gluten free. The Original 3 Daughters Cider is a great start to our cider journey, we can’t wait to share

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