3 Daughters Brewing is committed to sustainable business practices and to being active leaders in environmental responsibility by focusing on the following: Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Management, Recycling, Packaging, and Materials Selection. 3 Daughters Brewing actively engages with our local communities, participatingin environmental initiatives, and supporting local organizations focused on sustainability.  See below for some of the steps we take to help keep our world a better place for everyone!


Six Pack Rings

Our GRIP-PAK ring carriers are certified 100% biodegradable. These degrade without the presence of false-positives or false-negatives with is better for the environment.  Our rings are made from 100% recyclable raw materials and lean manufacturing processes resulting in a product that is 30% less than other options.  3 Daughters Brewing took a long look at six-pack ring carries vs. cardboard carries and made the decision in part because our GRIP-PAK rings offer the following benifits:

  • Substantially Lower Climate Impact = They produce 73% LESS Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in the production process.
  • Important Water Savings = 73% LESS water is needed to manufacture
  • Lower Power Requirements = 90% LESS energy is consumed during manufacturing and use
  • Less Waste for Landfills = contributes 86% LESS solid waste to landfills
  • Lower Fossil Fuel Consumption = 54% LESS non-renewable energy in production and use
  • Savings Continue During Transport = 87% LIGHTER than paperboard including reduce fuel costs with transport emissions


Nitrogen capture 

Nitrogen capture helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, conserves energy resources, promotes resource efficiency, and reduces air and water pollution. Basically we take Nitrogen from the atmosphere, use it in our brewing process and then return the same about to the outside air resulting in a 100% NET ZERO impact.  Implementing such systems contributes to more sustainable brewing practices and a reduced environmental footprint for 3 Daughters Brewing.

Spent Grain

Brewing beer involves the extraction of sugars and flavors from malted grains, primarily barley. After this process, the spent grain, also known as “brewer’s spent grain” (BSG), remains as a byproduct. Rather than disposing of this grain as waste, 3 Daughters Brewing recycles it. By doing so, we reduce the amount of organic material that would otherwise end up in landfills, contributing to waste reduction and minimizing environmental impact.

What do we do with it? The most valuable use for spent grain is as animal feed. Due to its high fiber content and residual nutrients, spent grain is an excellent source of feed for livestock, particularly cattle and dairy cows. 3 Daughters Brewing sells the spent grain to farmers or ranchers for animal feed.  We then donate that money to local food banks to help provide food for our community’s needy.  This helps contribute to sustainable agricultural practices and supports the circular economy.

Brewing Water 

3 Daughters Brewing recycles its brewing water for several reasons, including sustainability, water conservation, and environmental sustainability. Brewing beer requires significant amounts of water, both in the brewing process itself and for cleaning and sanitation purposes. By recycling and reusing brewing water, we can significantly reduce our overall water consumption and minimize our impact on local water sources.


Wastewater Return

It is important for 3 Daughters Brewing that we ensure our wastewater has a neutral pH before returning it to the city’s wastewater. The pH of wastewater plays a crucial role in the health of aquatic ecosystems. Discharging wastewater with extreme pH levels, either highly acidic or highly alkaline, can harm aquatic life and disrupt the balance of the receiving water bodies. Neutralizing the pH of brewery wastewater helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment and protects the local ecosystem.


Corrugated Cardboard

Sometimes we have to use cardboard, corrugated cardboard is a sustainable option for breweries, like 3 Daughters. It is made from renewable and recyclable materials, primarily paper fibers derived from trees. Using corrugated cardboard promotes responsible forest management practices and supports the recycling loop. 3 Daughters Brewing can easily recycle corrugated cardboard packaging after use, reducing waste and minimizing its environmental impact.


Vendor partners

When we select businesses to partner with and source from, we’re prioritizing their quality and customer service alongside whether or not they:

  • Measure and minimize the footprint of their operations & products by looking at transportation, packaging, waste, energy, toxicity, water, and GHG emissions.
  • Create a high-involvement corporate culture which values and rewards everyone’s contributions.
  • Have a management system which demonstrates environmental commitment by setting goals and regularly reporting.
  • Work with others to improve the sustainability of their industry.

Things We Look For in Sustainable Vendors


Workplace Recycling

Breweries, like any other business, have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact. Implementing workplace recycling programs allows 3 Daughters Brewing to reduce the amount of waste they generate and promote the responsible management of resources. By recycling materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, breweries can divert these materials from landfills and contribute to conservation efforts.