As some of you have have noticed we have switched our can carriers to the plastic rings you see on many other products. However, these aren’t your typical plastic carriers. We searched high and low for something that wouldn’t be harmful to our environment and we found these incredible photodegradable can carriers from Mumm Craft Products.

The plastic rings full break down in just 4 weeks (or less), meaning that it breaks down into even smaller and smaller pieces under the effects of wind, rain and other environmental forces. The ring carrier loses approximately 75% of its strength within days of direct exposure to sunlight. It can become completely brittle in a matter of weeks when the carrier is exposed to direct or indi­rect sunlight. The speed at which it becomes brittle will vary with the time of year, temperature, latitude and any other factors, which limit the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure to the carrier. The carrier will not degrade if behind a glass window or otherwise shielded from UV exposure.

We’re extremely impressed with the quality and happy to keep the environment at the top of our minds.

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