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It’s funny that I really knew the difference between dry and sweet from drinking wines, not beers or ciders. With the exception of saisons and a few other styles, however, it’s not a term that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to beer.

It does in cider, however, especially since ciders are, in many ways – and according to Florida law – a wine. So you’ll get your big, sweet ciders, and your big, sweet, fruity ciders, and strong, dry ciders. There aren’t a lot of big, sweet, dry ciders, however. One that tends to buck the trend is Dry Strawberry Cider (Cider, 8% ABV) from St. Petersburg powerhouse 3 Daughters Brewing, or their new cidery arm.

I know I said the cider is both dry and sweet. I recommend going to the cidery itself to try this, since you’ll understand what I mean. The cider itself is pretty dry, finished incredibly crisp and snappy with just a hint of residual apple sweetness and a surprisingly heady ABV.

But there’s a tart sweetness to the cider, and it’s almost immediately discernable as being the strawberry, not the apple cider itself. It’s nice and fresh, tasting more like a berry from one of those cheap green plastic bins of berries from a farmer’s market rather than a bottled extract of some kind. It’s definitely a great springtime brew, and one I don’t expect to see too often since we’re starting to leave Florida Strawberry season.

Go get some. In the meantime, I’m going to wonder why the opposite of dry isn’t something less obvious than sweet. Doesn’t make sense.

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