The 64 ounce Growler has been freed!!! After 3 years of hard work and negotiations, the legislature has sent a bill for Governor Rick Scott’s signature that legalizes the industry standard 64 ounce “growler” in the State of Florida. Florida is the last state in the union to legalize 64 ounce growlers although this size is the industry standard for takeaway craft beer.

The bill also establishes several protections for craft breweries in Florida. Until this year, craft breweries had to get a “tourism exemption” from their municipality in order to have a tasting room on the brewery site. Those exemptions will no longer be necessary as tasting rooms will be legal statewide. The Florida Legislature was led on this issue by our several local lawmakers, including Senator Jack Latvala (Clearwater), Representative Chris Sprowls (Dunedin), and Majority Leader Dana Young (South Tampa). We want to thank these public servants and all Representative and Senators in the legislature for unanimously supporting the craft beer industry on these important issues.

In anticipation of the bill passing, 3 Daughters has 64 oz. growlers in stock and ready for sale on July 1. We look forward to having a “Growler Day” party on July 1 for all our friends. Cheers!!

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