When I was in college, I had a series of jobs that helped pay for books,classes and of course pizza. However, none of those jobs were really applicable to my career after school. However, four seniors from University of South Florida, St Pete campus have created a really cool final project that is a video documentary introducing a new business – 3 Daughters Brewing. The craft beer market has surged tremendously and St Petersburg has flourished with many breweries opening over the last 12-18 months. It is an important topic about a growing industry that is creating jobs and helping drive tourism in our city. Kudos to Daniel Reyes, Charles Perry, Kathy Baird and Kanica Him for their insight in choosing the burgeoning craft beer market and 3 Daughters Brewing as their topic. And also, for their amazing creativity and outstanding final product. We can’t wait to work with you on more videos when you have graduated! Great job.

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