Live Music: SIRSY | 3 Daughters Brewing

Live Music: SIRSY

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10/12/19 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
3 Daughters Brewing
Address: 222 22nd Street S., St Petersburg, FL 33712

FREE SHOW/ ALL AGES (w parent or guardian), 21+ to drink

CHECK OUT SIRSY! (As heard on the tv show Shameless)

SIRSY is a rock, pop, and soul duo with just the right amount of sass! The Boston Globe calls them “the little band with the big sound”. Charismatic lead singer, Melanie, is also the band’s drummer. Melanie even plays bass on a keyboard with her drum stick and throws in some mean flute solos, too. Rich plays a road worn and well loved Rickenbacker guitar through a pedal board full of vintage effects. He also plays bass with his feet and tells super nerdy Star Wars jokes. SIRSY is known for passionate performances that often include lots of stories from the road, laughs, and dance parties. It’s a good time! SIRSY plays 250+ shows per year nationally & has played with Grace Potter, Maroon 5, Cheap Trick, Train, and many more. Their music is featured on Showtime’s hit TV show “Shameless”.

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