Street Science

So, what does it take to blow up 10,000 ping pong balls? We had no idea what the answer was but we knew someone who could give us an answer. Kevin Delaney, the go-to science guy from Jimmy Kimmel’s Tonight Show left his lab to come show us how explosive science can be. Kevin needed some awesome shots for his new show, Street Science so he came out to the brewery. For the experiment all Kevin needed was some garbage cans, a large space to perform the experiment and of course, some liquid nitrogen. We promised him we could him get some garbage cans and that he could use our warehouse but he had to bring his own liquid nitrogen; Craft Beer is the only liquid we carry here at 3 Daughters Brewing.

Kevin and his crew came prepared with everything they needed to perform the experiment. Everyone at the brewery went through a simple safety briefing and received protective goggles and earplugs. First, we did a preliminary experiment on a small bucket of ping pong balls to prepare for the main show. Kevin poured some liquid nitrogen into the small bucket with ping pong balls and within a few seconds there was a small pop. The test was successful, so it was start the main event. Five empty trash cans, liquid nitrogen, ten thousand ping pong balls and 1 big warehouse, watch the video below the see how it went down.


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