Not going to lie, when I saw that St. Pete’s 3 Daughters had sent me, of all things, a malt liquor, this was the only thing I could think of:

I’m sorry, it’s just that no one I know in Craft Brewing makes what is arguably the most infamous style of beer. The first serving vessel for a malt liquor that comes to mind is a brown paper bag, not actual glassware.

I immediately had to reach out to their Marketing Coordinator Jonathan Truong for details. He has gracious enough to get the hook up directly from 3 Daughters’ head brewer Ty Weaver as to why there’s a malt liquor on the menu now:

“I am constantly trying to perfect our recipes. From our core beers to our small batch beers, I am always tinkering, trying to make them just a little bit better. Because of this, I was thinking one day that we hadn’t made anything really new in a while. As I was thinking about what I could make that we have never made before, and because we try not to take ourselves too seriously, Mike said, “why don’t you try to make a “good” malt liquor?” Stupid idea, but I just happened to have flaked corn from a recent contract brew trial we did and a lager yeast from a seasonal brew we just did. And I do like a challenge. After really looking into it, Malt Liquor is a classic American style of beer that has been made poorly for so long that is has taken on a bad reputation, when really it is just an easy to drink high gravity beer that is traditionally made with inexpensive adjuncts. So I was able to make a recipe for a beer we have never made before and have a little fun with it. And it turned out pretty good. I do get lucky a lot.”

There you have it, the full story behind Ctrl+Malt+Del (Malt Liquor, 7.4% ABV). I was just not prepared at all for how good the beer was.

There’s flavor, and a lot of it. It almost feels like an Imperial Hefeweizen, if there is such a thing. Oddly enough, there’s very little corn in the flavor profile. Lemon, though, lots of lemon flavor to make it almost shandy-esque.

There’s a great carbonation feel to the beer which, when coupled with an almost floaty malt body, makes the beer feel insanely light and bubbly, almost like champagne. But it’s still a Malt Liquor, and it packs quite the wallop that sneaks up on you rather quietly.

It’s just funny how the beer looked like a joke at first, and here I am unapologetically saying I really would like more. It’s a great beer and I can see it appealing to a lot of people.

Even without a brown paper bag.

Drink Florida Beer,




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