One thing I really like about 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg is the fact that their beers, according to owner Mike Harting, are consistent.

Every beer that head brewer Ty Weaver makes is consistent with standards for those beers. If he makes a porter, it’ll be a porter and not a porter-IPA-farmhouse hybrid sort of thing.

As a beer drinker, I like that. It’s good to know that if I order a classic style of beer, it will be their recipe iteration of something that is readily identifiable. So when I got a pint of their Sweet Barleywine (Barleywine, 13.5% ABV), I knew what to expect.

Sort of. As with other beers I’ve tried from them, it’s a solid beer with a distinct twist.

Somehow, with this beer, Ty was able to take a beer with a whopping 13.5% alcohol content and not only make is smooth, but make it light as well. It’s not like motor oil at all. It’s wonderfully bready sweet with big caramel notes. There’s almost no hop aroma, and the yeast gives a little bit of a tang. But the malt is king here, and in this beer it shines.

Which is what it’s supposed to. Because consistency.

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