For Good




3 Daughters Brewing aims to serve as a model brewhouse offering the world creative and boldly innovative brews, all while upholding a legacy that prioritizes its social, economic, and environmental impact.

3 Daughters was built on a foundation of great beer, family and community. Our aim is to always brew great beer and help advance the craft beer industry in Florida, while our core values center around the importance of family, environment and community. We strive to be a family working together- true to the story of launching the brewery – and to give back responsibly to the community. At 3 Daughters Brewing, we aim to provide superior service to our retailers and tantalize beer lovers with bold and innovative brews. Everything we do, from sourcing the highest quality local ingredients, hiring the best people and maintaining a pristine facility, is done with this is mind. We are passionate about playing an active, responsible role in our community and using our time, money and knowledge to do so. Plus, we brew amazing beer!

We are honored to be selected, along with 2 other Florida companies, for the Florida For Good award, hosted by University of Florida’s Business For Good Lab: Sustainable Business Consulting course. A team of UF business students, serving as Consultants, took a deep dive into our company and led us through the B Impact Assessment with the goal of becoming a Certified B Corporation.

Ask us about our journey in being one of the leading companies in Florida using the power of business as a force for good.