3 Daughters Brewing UV lights hillsoborough hops

Researches have been working on Hops farms in Florida. With the Tampa area now being home to more than 50 Breweries it could have a great impact if the Hops were grown here. Local St Pete and Tampa Breweries have assisted in the project by donating, providing feedback, ideas, and running tests on the Hops that are being produced on a research farm in southern Hillsborough County. Our very own Desiree M Chubb, Director of Quality, assisted in the findings of UV lights and the effects it would have on the Hops farm. See the link above for the article.

“By extending the photoperiod five to six hours per day, increasing the time plants are exposed to light to match similar conditions in more northern climates, Shinsuke Agehara and Zhanao Deng, researchers at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, were able to grow plants to heights of 20 feet, as well as encourage plants to produce lateral sidearms, increasing areas for possible cone development and thus multiplying yield.” – Richard M Smith

See the link above for full article.


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