We began 2017 with a few goals in mind: sell more craft beer, create and launch innovative products and support the community through charitable donations. Looking back at 2017, the brewery can safely say they have accomplished these goals. However, the accomplishment that stands out is that we were able to donate and participate in over 200 charities around the state totaling over $125,000!

“We are passionate about playing an active, responsible role in our community and giving our time, money and knowledge,” said Mike Harting, CEO of 3 Daughters Brewing, “We are proud to partner with local universities, charities and civic minded individuals to make a positive impact on the community.”

At the beginning of 2017, we challenged ourselves to give back over $100,000 to over 100 charities through volunteer hours, donating product and supporting local causes in the tasting room. All 58 of us rose to the challenge and closed out the year with charitable contributions of over $125,000 to 200 different charities. For 2018 the brewery continues the trend with multiple charity events inside their tasting room, which can be found on here on our website or our facebook page.



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