The laboratory here at the brewery is always buzzing with activity. It is the heart of what we do and there’s never a dull moment. Every few months we welcome new faces to the lab as interns.

J.R. is one of our incredible interns this semester. Looking for hands-on experience with the intricacies of brewing, J.R. is getting that and plenty more working under our Lab Specialist Desiree. A native from New York, he has been in St Petersburg for over fifteen years. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Biophysics with a minor in Chemistry.

“I was told about about the 3 Daughters Brewing internship by Desiree (our Lab Specialist) and jumped at the chance to see the intricacies of brewing.”

After this internship he plans on graduating in December 2017. A summer research term on the cell-signaling pathways of cancer cells is his goal and will hopefully pave the way for him in the future.



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