Family Pride

The devastation of 9/11 impacted the entire nation. For Staff Sergeant John Mullins, it led him to enlist in the United States Air Force, because he wanted to protect people.

John has been stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, for almost six years, working as a Security Forces Investigator. This puts him one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a law enforcement officer.

Like any military man, John loved flying in helicopters, taking part in war games and handling machine guns. But it was the experience of aiding civilians, who had been in a severe car wreck outside the base, that really impacted his life. John’s father’s voice beamed with pride as he explained how his son was later given a special award for this selfless action and bravery.

John is beyond proud to be able to serve our country, do his part and help keep others safe. He strongly believes what is learned in the military can be used throughout life. To John, we are all family and should help each other out. John and his wife exemplify this concept every holiday season when they invite airmen away from home to join them for a comforting holiday meal. All John expects in return is that they pay the act of kindness forward.

From all of us at 3 Daughters Brewing, we want to say “Tango Yankee” for your dedication, passion and honor in serving our country.



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