If you’re throwing a party – or if you’re just really thirsty – you can rent a keg of any of our available beers, ciders and seltzers. Offerings rotate throughout the year, so be sure to inquire with bar staff about availability. You’re welcome to try a sample of what we have on tap before purchase, as well.

All kegs must be returned (you keep the beer), and deposits will be refunded in cash upon returning the barrel. Keg taps and ice buckets are available for rent, as well, at no charge except the refundable deposit. Sizes and prices are listed below.

Keg deposit: $50 | Keg pump deposit: $60 | Keg tub deposit: $10

Regular beer 1/2 barrel: $145 | Regular beer 1/6 barrel: $65

Premium beer 1/2 barrel: $165 | Premium beer 1/6 barrel: $85

Regular cider 1/2 barrel: $155 | Regular cider 1/6 barrel: $75 | Premium cider 1/2 barrel: $165


Call to see what is available!