Floating Dock Light IPA

Yep, it’s hot and humid out there — about as bad as it will get all year (knock on wood). With this weather, there’s one obvious direction for finding the right beer, and that’s cool, crisp and refreshing. Marketing lingo? Yes. Entirely accurate? Also yes.

There’s a reason big-name macro brews focus so much of their marketing on drinkability — cold beer on a hot day is an easy sell. But those beers don’t have a monopoly on refreshment, even when it comes to the “light” beer category.

St. Petersburg’s 3 Daughters Brewing has a solution for those who want a light-bodied, easy-drinking brew for the summer but don’t want to resort to drinking the ubiquitous macro light beers. A light beer for people who don’t like light beers, if you will.

Dock Light IPA is a scaled down version of the brewery’s Floating Dock IPA, with a 4.2 percent by volume alcohol content. Since most of beer’s caloric content comes from alcohol, this beer falls into the low-calorie category, clocking in at 157 calories a pint. For reference, a pint of Miller Lite has 128 calories, while a pint of Bud Light has 146 (both are also 4.2 percent alcohol by volume).

Whatever Dock Light is lacking in calories it more than makes up for in flavor. It’s billed as a session IPA, but it drinks closer to a hoppy blonde, with a soft floral nose and assertive but appropriate bitterness that’s balanced by a light, grainy finish. It’s significantly more flavorful than your typical light beer, despite containing a comparable caloric content.

Since introducing Dock Light in its tasting room last month, 3 Daughters has had trouble keeping it in stock. The brewery has since scaled up production to meet demand, so expect to find it as a fixture in the tasting room throughout the summer, where it will remain a thirst-quenching option for drinkers who want light beer that doesn’t taste like it. While Dock Light is currently a tasting room exclusive, it will be available in wide distribution on draft by late summer, as well as in cans by mid-fall.

— Justin Grant

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