Caring for Freedom

It was a time when women were not commonplace in the U.S. Military, but Margaret Holy knew enlisting in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) would be the best way to start her adult life following the Vietnam War. While her military career was lived during peacetime and on American soil, she has a profound appreciation for her military training which led to a lifelong career as a nurse.

Margaret originally enlisted to start her adult life as independently as possible and get the medical training she’d need for a stable career. She spent six years serving in the California Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves for the WAC.

One of Margaret’s most memorable military experiences was a training exercise that very quickly turned into reality. In what was expected to be a simple convoy ride, one of the group’s M35 Deuce and a Half Personnel Transport Truck went barreling over a cliff in the Texas desert. Margaret and her team were instantly put into action to save their fellow soldiers – it was here that she received her first real patients to tend to. No more ketchup as blood – it was the real thing.

From shooting a .45 pistol to earning the title of sharpshooter, Margaret was taught how to protect her patients. She and the other women in her unit would be responsible to care for the wounded during an invasion.

Margaret believes enlisting after high school is a challenge that all young people should accept. It helped her to grow up quickly and learn important skills that she now uses in day-to-day life. She is extremely proud of how the American people support their troops 110 percent.

Margaret Holy raised her right hand in pledge in a time when many men and women shied away from the military. She knew that serving her country would provide her the opportunity to grow into a productive, caring American.

From all of us at 3 Daughters Brewing, we want to say “Tango Yankee” for your dedication, passion and honor in serving our country.



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