Bombers are a great way for breweries to distribute one-off, special release, seasonal or limited beers. These 22-ounce bottles of joy are perfect for enjoying with others — whether you take one to a bottle share or even in lieu of wine to a dinner party — they’re a great way to sample an array of styles.

At 3 Daughters Brewing, we create beer for our bombers on a three-barrel pilot system where our brewers can experiment with different ingredients, flavors and innovative taste profiles. We use bombers to package our hand-crafted, barrel-aged beers. We currently have Jack Daniels, chardonnay, bourbon, tequila and rum barrels that we’re using in our barrel-aged program. We allow the beer to age in these barrels for up to six months.

Let’s take a look at the newest gang of bombers to hit our shelves:

4 Redemption Bourbon Barrel-Aged Quad

This Belgian style strong ale is rich in malty sweetness despite the relatively simple grain bill, which is what brewers call the grains that are used to make the wort. (Wort is the pre-beer liquid that is created by extracting fermentable sugars from the malt with hot water — it’s essentially beer before the yeast is added). The Quad is brewed with Belgian yeast that produces esters (fruity flavors produced during fermentation), which give the beer its dark fruit notes of plum, cherry and raisin, along with a hint of spiciness. This big, dark beer is then aged in bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill for five months. The barrels impart some woodiness, bourbon flavor, and notes of vanilla to the beer, while mellowing it out to a deceptively smooth brew whose big ABV (alcohol by volume) of 11.4% is almost undetectable on the palate. Watch out, this Quad is complex and dangerous, but lots of fun to drink.

Phantasmas Tequila Barrel-Aged IPA

This unique golden India Pale Ale is brewed with jalapeño and serrano chili peppers and then aged in tequila barrels for six months. The beer is chock full of New Zealand hops, which are known for their sweet fruit flavors and aromas, so the final product is hoppy without being too bitter. The hop characteristics also balance out the spiciness of the chilis and the barrels impart hints of smoke and wood. Phantasmas is hoppy, spicy and has a smooth tequila-like finish. ¡Salud!

La Fayette Von Blanc Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Saison

This Belgian-style saison, or farmhouse ale, is aged in chardonnay barrels for five months. It is brewed with a Belgian saison yeast strain which brings out the citrusy aroma of the hops and adds a fruity, light spice and pepper notes. The beer is light with a silky mouthfeel and a dry finish. It has a complex flavor that is perfect for drinkers who think they prefer wine over beer. This elegant beer clocks in at 6.4% ABV and is named after the farm where the grandfather of our Head Brewer, Ty Weaver, used to live and brew beer.

Trebel Monker Rum Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Tripel

This beer is brewed with lightly kilned malts — which give it a beautiful golden color — and cane sugar to raise the alcohol content and lighten the body. Kilning is the process that dries and partially cooks or browns the malt, imparting a variety of colors and aromas. The beer is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain that imparts notes of apple, citrus, banana and a subtle peppery spice. After fermentation, the beer is aged in rum barrels for four months. During this time, the beer takes on flavors of wood, vanilla and rum. This smooth brew clocks in at 8.5% ABV and has a complexity that will keep fans coming back for more.

Queen’s Court Strawberry Blonde Ale

This blonde is an easy-drinking 5% ABV ale that has fresh strawberry juice added at the end of secondary fermentation. Local strawberries from Plant City are juiced in-house to add just enough fresh strawberry flavor to make an already-delicious beer that much better. Enjoy this light and fruity beauty cold on a hot Florida day. The brew’s royal moniker is an homage to the King and Queen of the Plant City Strawberry Festival.

Silk O’ the Kine Irish Stout

This dry stout is brewed with unmalted roasted barley, which is essential in stouts and give them the bitterness that is associated with the style. The brewing grains also include flaked barley to add body and help keep its creamy head longer. When most people think of dark beers, they assume they’re thick and heavy; this beer is just the opposite. It has a light body and moderate ABV (4.8%), but a lot of delicious coffee and chocolate flavor. It’s easy to drink several of these with its smooth balance and light mouthfeel.

Bombers are a great way for beer-loving friends to share and enjoy tasters of many different styles. (Or for one person to get more than a pint of his or her favorite beer!) Come by the 3 Daughters Brewing tasting room and grab one (or all) of our six newest bombers and experience our unique flavors and barrel-aged brews.



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