Watermelon Wheat Ale Craft Beer

Summer is here and we need something to cool us down. Nothing is more refreshing to help beat the heat than a fresh slice of juicy watermelon. So we decided to some to one of our beers to create the perfect summer beverage. On tap in the tasting room we currently have a brew known as Melon Hull Watermelon Wheat.

With the addition of watermelon and strawberry juices this fruity brew is crisp and refreshing. Light brown in color, the Melon Hull has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.2%. You catch a whiff of the watermelon when you smell the brew but once you take that first sip it’s unmistakably watermelon. We use a variety of malts to accompany the Huell Melon hops we put in this American-style wheat beer. The reason strawberry juice is used is because it helps to strengthen the watermelon aroma and taste. We offer this refreshing brew in our tasting room specifically for the summer.

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