Moving Memories

warrenTransporting Marines from safety to danger and back is not a simple or easy task.

Chief Petty Officer Warren Abadie Sr. of the United States Navy was part of the team who did just that, bringing Marines to and from the battlefield via a small boat. It’s not hard to imagine the heartbreak Warren felt as he transported injured men back to the ship for care.

Before the draft, Warren enlisted voluntarily to defend our country in World War II. He proudly fought in Iwo Jima, Okinawa and the Leyte Gulf battle. Before all of this, Warren had worked at the Higgins Plant in New Orleans – building the landing crafts and boats on which he would one day work aboard.

Today, his son, Warren Jr., says identifying his father in wartime pictures is easy. Warren Sr. wore his signature Navy cap in every photo throughout his time overseas.

Warren Sr. was a man who was extremely dedicated to his country, family and fellow sailors. He was proud to have fought beside them and to protect those who have protected our freedom.

From all of us at 3 Daughters Brewing, we want to say “Tango Yankee” for your dedication, passion and honor in serving our country.



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