In this business, there are many ways designers can express themselves creatively—print, digital, multimedia—and the myriad of mediums within those disciplines. When I was in art school, there was very little digital going on. Print was king. And every design student worth their salt, although required to have a diverse portfolio, wanted to work on packaging design. The three dimensionality and tactile nature of package design was both challenging and exciting. And most students would want to design beer, wine or liquor packaging because it was just cool. I remember my art teacher saying we should enjoy working on these types of “glamorous” projects now, because in the real world, the opportunities will be few and far between.

Fast forward to the present. It’s been 17 years since those prescient words were uttered, and although I’ve worked on a few packaging projects over the years, I had yet to revisit the glory days of art school projects. Until now.

Based in St. Petersburg, 3 Daughters Brewing is emerging as one of the best craft beer brewers in Florida. As one of ChappellRoberts’ newest clients, I’ve been lucky to work with them on their brand launch, which includes the introduction of cans to the market. Their two initial beers are St. Pete Beach Blonde Ale and Bimini Twist IPA.

Another thing you should know about me: I love beer. I mean, have a beer every day sort of love beer. So, needless to say, this project is something I’m extremely passionate about. And it didn’t hurt that they named their IPA “Bimini Twist,” after a fishing knot that my dad—a marine biologist and avid fisherman—taught me when I was a kid. A fishing knot I use to this day whenever I go fishing. Hell, I can tie that knot blindfolded.

Our goal was to create bright, playful packaging that reflected 3 Daughters Brewing’s personality, which encapsulates fun, family and beer. We developed common graphic elements and an illustrative style that allowed these cans to shine on their own, yet feel like a product family when lined up side by side.

Seeing finished work out in the world—a billboard here, a brochure there—is incredibly satisfying. It makes all that time working behind the scenes, obsessing over details and making sure every aspect of a project is the best that it can be so worth it. But to potentially see these beer cans on every grocery store and convenience store shelf (not to mention my refrigerator)? Now that rocks!

Keep your eyes out for more 3 Daughters Brewing cans…this is just the beginning for this local gem.

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