As nice as it looks, the picture I took for 4 Redemption (Quadrupel, 11% ABV, 22 IBU) by 3 Daughters Brewing is incredibly date specific, which means I have to get this piece out relatively soon.

Yes, I saved this bomber for the 4th of July because I’m nothing if not a sucker for synchronicity. Mind you, the beer is a Belgian Quad and not the most quintessentially American of beer styles, but the name is there.

The flavor is there, too. It’s got a thick, chewy mouthfeel resplendent with flavors of plum, molasses, and raisin. If that wasn’t enough, it’s been aged in bourbon barrels for 90 days. The bourbon meatiness and oaky vanilla flavors blend well and, interestingly enough, don’t contribute a harsh alcohol burn that I’ve found in some other high-gravity, spirit-soaked beers.

4 Redemption is one of the beers found in 3 Daughters’ growing line of bombers, which are only found at their brewery in St. Pete. With as delicate a balance as the flavors have, it’s definitely worth the drive to pick a few up.

And you don’t have to wait for a national holiday, either.

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