Ready to Drink




The great success & amazing feedback we received from the release of our Orange Cream Vodka + Soda last summer has lead us to exprand our portfolio! Introducing RetroChill™, where the past meets the present in every sip. Step back in time and experience the vibrant and playful essence of your favorite childhood popsicles reimagined in our exciting Vodka + Soda line.

Our mission is to transport you to a world of carefree joy, where each drink is a trip down memory lane, reminiscent of the simple pleasures of days gone by.

RetroChill™ features three nostalgic and iconic flavors: Root Beer Float, Orange Cream, and Rocket Pop. Designed to evoke cherished memories by delivering a one-of-a-kind taste experience, these ready -to-drink cocktails are poised to be a favorite at any occasion!

Pick up a 4-Pack of any of these exciting flavors at the brewery or your favorite retailer. Also, be on the look out for us as we will be popping up doing tastings and local events & stores.