The start of our florida grown hops

So, as you all know we’ve been involved with the University of Florida and Hillsborough County’s Economic Development team working on a project that will change our state and the future of craft beer: Florida-Grown Hops.

We received these new hops from Richard Smith, the owner of Florida Hops. He was our contact for the hops plants.
Here is an article and photo of him and Ricky Burts whom also has visited our facility to do the hops harvest demo:

Intersection: Orange County’s First Commercial Hop Yard

Our Head Brewer Ty and our Resident Mad Scientist Desiree have constructed a little “hop tree” in between our two warehouses where the hops can (hopefully) grow quite tall. We’re unsure of the harvest time as this is our first time trying to grow hops but we’ll keep y’all posted.

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