Local Craft Brewery

We are looking at having a Hoppy New Year! We made a 30 bbl batch of Summitennial that will be available for distribution. But this also means we have some to experiment with. Aw yeah!

As taps become available this week we will putting on Summitennial Double IPA, Mango Summitennial and Nitro Summitennial. The Summitennial with mango is interesting because sweetness of the mango tones down some of the usual bitterness of the double IPA. As for the Summitennial on nitro, it’ll be the 1st time we have it so come in and try it!

We also had a batch of American wheat that was a little low in gravity, so we decided to sour it up. Sour Orange Wheat for you sour-heads out there.
Irish stout on nitro will be coming soon as well.

Cheers to the new year!


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