Local Craft Florida Cider

With Strawberry season a HUGE deal here in Florida (each winter close to 300 million pounds of strawberries are grown in Central Florida) we thought we’d get into the delicious fruit and brew something special for it. So you know we had to do it with our local craft cider.

Introducing the Strawberry Mojito Cider and the Dry Strawberry Cider. Both are packed with strawberries but have very different flavors. The Strawberry Mojito has a good amount of mint in it which gives it a refreshing finish very reminiscent of a delicious mojito. Strawberry Mojito cider is 5.2%

We knew that we wanted to showcase the delicious flavor of Florida strawberries so we decided to do a Dry Strawberry. We let the yeast eat up almost all the sugar so the fruit flavors can shine without all of the sweetness. Dry Strawberry clocks in at 8% ABV so it packs a doozy but it’s oh so delicious.


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