We just wrapped a year of jubilant celebrations for modern Marco Island’s 50th anniversary. There is one more 50 around the corner: Super Bowl 50! Super Bowl parties are fun for all, even those that don’t watch football. Food, drink and fellowship are the order for the day.

Beer is usually the beverage of choice on game day – more than 300 million gallons nationwide. Previous articles have shown my affinity for Yuengling, this year I want to have something that is a bit more on the “fancy” side.

Local craft beers are popping up all over. There are over 100 craft beer breweries in Florida now, with more on the way. I have several local favorites: Naples Beach Brewery, 3 Daughters Brewing in St Petersburg, Islamorada Beer Company in The Keys, and a new favorite, Tampa Bay Brewing Company.

All make beers called “session beers”, meaning they are beers that can sustain you through a “session” of beer drinking. Perfect for Super Bowl.

Naples Beach Brewery has one on my favorites: Rojo Especial. This is a red beer that is light in style, low in alcohol and “morish” (meaning when you have one, you want “more”). Will Lawson, Founder, has built a beer business based on the idea that every community can support a small brewery.

Their brewery keeps increasing its capacity to brew amazing beer. The public is welcome at 4120 Enterprise Ave, Suite 116. Tell them Chef Laura sent you!

Islamorada Beer Company has a comparatively small arsenal, about ten offerings. Their aptly named Islamorada Ale is an easy drinking Citrus Ale that finishes with a hint of lemon and lime.

The brewer also has an American Wheat Ale called Sandbar Sunday. This beer has a touch of spice and citrus from the American hops used in the recipe. They actually recommend you pick up a six pack of each and pour them together. Garnished with a wedge of key lime and you have yourself an amazing beer cocktail!

3 Daughters Brewing in St Pete is making fantastic beers. Cleverly named and user friendly named brews include Beach Blond Ale, Bimini Twist IPA and Rod Bender Red Ale. All of these are available in six pack cans at our local Winn Dixie and Publix.

Bimini Twist India Pale Ale has a bit of a kick with a slightly higher alcohol content and a lovely copper color. The flavor combines a trace of citrus (notice a trend?) along with some floral hops and a light caramel finish. Drink this one with your grilled cheeseburger!

Read more at Marco Island Sun Times here.


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