Mike Harting

Owner & Dad

Leigh Harting

Owner & Mom

Ty Weaver

Head Brewer/Head Chef

Jessica Bodkin

Director of Operations and Events

Christian Harris

Tasting Room Manager

Brad Rice

Director of Logistics/Warehouse Manager

Natalie Ramos

Director of Marketing

Brian Horne

VP of Marketing & Sales

Captain Steve

Head Brewer

Susan Swanson

HR Manager

Family. Beer. Community.

At 3 Daughters Brewing, we care about three things above all else: crafting great beer, sharing that beer with our friends, and supporting our community. Whether you’re having a pint in our Tasting Room, buying a six pack from the store, or trying us out on tap anywhere across Florida, you’re a part of keeping that mission alive.

We were founded by a group of friends and family who had known each other for decades, and all these years later, it’s the same crew keeping one of Florida’s largest independent and family-owned breweries moving along. Come by our Tasting Room any time in St. Petersburg, or find us in stores, restaurants and bars throughout Florida and beyond. Wherever you are, we toast to you.

Drink Local. Drink Craft.

Come by the tasting room at 222 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.