The Values of Brotherhood

When his college roommate returned from basic training, Levi Eaves found himself wondering what would drive someone to fight for their country and what were they even fighting for. As he learned about the dedication of his friend as well as of the thousands of young lives being lost in battle, he wanted to do something. He wanted to help, but he had no idea of the human bonds that would emerge or the lives that would be changed.

When Levi enlisted in the United States Army in 2007, he was eager to support the men and women of the military fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Born and raised in Tarpon Springs, Florida, his deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan was a huge culture and climate shock. There, Levi served with men and women who eventually became his family and reason for re-enlisting. Levi wanted to make sure they made it home after each tour. “You’re there to protect your country, just as much as you’re there to protect those that stand beside you,” said Levi. This was a responsibility he took to heart.

Levi was only in his eighth year of service when he was injured in combat, damaging his leg, hips and spine. One year and one amputation later, he is still working toward recovery.

Even now, Levi maintains the values the Army has instilled in him: be respectable, bring a good name to the military and do good things. Whether in uniform or civilian attire, he lives by this code.

Enlisting as a young man gave Levi a perspective that would change his world forever. “Kids are signing their own will before they even turn 21.” Levi understands that the sacrifice of a solider comes with tremendous risks. “It’s so important that we all make sure that our men and women deployed are never forgotten,” said Levi. His heart will always be with his military family – Charlie Co, 1 – 12, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry division.

“I love you and think about you every day. You are the best men and women I’ve ever met.”

From all of us at 3 Daughters Brewing, we want to say “Tango Yankee” for your dedication, passion and honor in serving our country.



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