Craft Beer Pilsner

Every now and then we feature a pilsner in our tap room known as # the Pilsner. Categorized as a lager, it is specifically a German style pilsner. This hand crafted brew is medium bodied with a light golden color. With a 4.9% alcohol by volume, # the Pilsner is a smooth, sessionable beverage that carries a slight bitterness from the hops accompanied by a citrusy yet herbal aroma.

We craft our pilsner with two different malts (Pilsner and Munich) and two different hops (Saaz and Tettang). The main difference between a pilsner and a lager is the amount of spice that you will find in the taste. You may have heard this type of craft beer being referred to as “Pils” which is a common nickname. It’s a popular style in the craft beer world, and one that our brewery loves to make and drink.

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